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The new luxury in Swiss made watchmaking

When does a watch belong to luxury category?

This is a question that has been asked for years, and the answer is not always clear.

There are many factors that go into deciding whether a watch is truly a luxury item. One of the most important factors is where the watch is made. Swiss watches have long been considered to be some of the finest in the world, and they are often considered to be the benchmark for luxury watches.

Switzerland is still considered a leader in the luxury watchmaking industry. In fact, many of the top watch brands in the world are headquartered in Switzerland.
Swiss made watches are known for their high quality and precision, and they often come with a hefty price tag. This reputation is well-deserved; quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make often Swiss made watches the pinnacle of luxury, and many people are willing to pay a high price for one.

In watchmaking, as in other luxury industries, the term “Swiss made” has long been synonymous with quality. But in an age when Chinese-made watches are commonplace, what does it mean for a timepiece to be truly Swiss? In response to this question, the Swiss government has updated its regulations for watchmakers, raising the bar for what it means to be “Swiss made.
In an age where people are constantly inundated with advertising and the newest technology, there is one industry that still reigns supreme: luxury watchmaking. Swiss made watches have been the pinnacle of luxury for centuries, and it seems that this is not set to change any time soon.

swiss made luxury watches

Despite the high cost, Swiss made watches remain popular among luxury buyers. In the world of Swiss made watchmaking, there has always been a distinction between watches that are considered “luxury” and those that are not. In the past, luxury watches were typically those that were made with precious metals and expensive complications. However, in recent years, a new type of luxury watch has emerged. This new type of luxury is not based on the use of precious materials or complicated mechanisms, but on the exclusivity of the brand.

But back to our question: when does a watch belong to the luxury category?

“Luxury” means anything that goes beyond the ordinary, special, that results unique and extraordinary. Price is connected with luxury, it is evidence of rarity in jewelry and watchmaking.

Two iconic examples of luxury watchmaking were sold by auction for very important figures: the Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona and the Rolex Submariner 6538, the same model who James Bond (Sean Connery) wore in the film “Dr. No” in 1962. In those cases the uniqueness is generated by the relation between the luxury brand and the iconic celebrity who wore the same model.

The main characteristics that turn those accessories into luxury items are taking shape: a wristwatch is the perfect item for embracing style and personality and we adopt it to express our identity and image. Everyone researches among watches of different brands the one that represents the own characteristics and which performs better during work and free time.

Models are often designed for different occasions, allowing stylish people to suit the watch in every situation. There are two static elements in luxury: the first is the quality of the manufacturing which found its maximum expression in the Swiss Made, style icon, an excellence recognized in all the world. The second one is the sophisticated identity, the capacity of the watch to represent ourselves, our personality and remembering us who we are and who we want to be.

It is not all about the time measure, it represents a desire, a dream. The dream to go beyond our limits, our status quo, to go outside the comfort zone and achieve our goals.

In today’s society, people are always looking for the newest and most luxurious thing. This is especially apparent in the watchmaking industry. Swiss made watches have always been known for their high quality and luxury, but now there is a new type of Swiss made watch that is taking the industry by storm, this new trend in Swiss made watchmaking talk about: affordable luxury watches.

This is the new luxury in watchmaking: unique customization, adapted to every personality, transferring in bespoke offering ideas, dreams, and preferences of the customer. It is a process of co-creation which stimulates the “customer engagement” allowing the Maison to preserve the essence of the brand.
This new breed of Swiss made watchmakers affords innovative watches that are not only luxurious, but also affordable.

This is the mission of Arcaido, a new brand in the market of the Swiss made watches, which with an Italian style follows the route of the “made to order”, making unique the watches of the collection customizing them with the signature or the quote decided by the client.

This is exactly what means “customization” of your watch. There is who customizes the dial with the nickname, with the name of the boat, or who prefers having the logo of the motorbike,the colors of the favorite sport team or the date that changed the life, or eventually the life motto: Macte animo!

That’s what we are talking about: the greater luxury, remembering always who we are, which are our goals, our emotions, and feel our heart beat like the beating heart we wear in our wrist with the Swiss made watches by Arcaido.

Arcaido: Swiss made luxury watches, with an Italian style - the affordable luxury.

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