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Bronze, the metal of the ancient seas. Craft precision with a desire for innovation. We wanted to make our Swiss made watches unique. Tradition has evolved and it is made to order.

Swiss Made

Our workshop is home to one of the most traditional of trades: Watchmaking. A craft that fuses tradition and innovation, necessitating artistic expertise. A job that only the most gifted can master. The assembly is the most fascinating process of watchmaking. Furthermore, Arcaido works with only the finest components, produced to Swiss-made quality standards.

The process

It begins with fixing the movement on the dial, and aligning the hands. The watchmaker checks every function of the watch, such as quickset date feature and the phase of the hands, paying attention to their alignment. The movement and dial are expertly inserted into the watch case by another watchmaker, fixing the balance wheel.

Quality control

Quality control is a fundamental step of our assembly process. Each watchmaker checks the work of the previous watchmaker so that every watch complies with Arcaido’s strict assembly standards. The tests are guarantee all the fidelity of our watches. Water resistant up to 300 m and chrono comparator complete the assembly process.


The movement is fixed and the closure of the case back ends the embedding operation. Once the external elements such as the crown and bezel have been positioned, the functions are re-tested to ensure smooth operation. The straps are then attached to the case, before being placed in its bespoke Arcaido box.

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